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6253 - Senior Technical Specialist

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location:
Senior Technical Specialist
Vacancies: 1
Location: Tiverton
Start Date: June 1st, 2017
Contract End: March 31st, 2018
Job Description
To help achieve our business plans, Bruce Power currently has one opportunity for a Contract position as a Senior Technical Specialist with the Site Services Engineering Section. Specifically we are looking for an individual with experience in Electrical Engineering, Power Distribution and/or Mechanical Engineering (with an emphasis on pressure boundary systems/registration, HVAC design/troubleshooting and/or Fire Protection). Working in a Contract Engineering support role in Site Services Engineering you will have the opportunity to perform a multitude of roles within Commercial Environment. These roles include but are not limited to:
• Responsible System Engineer for Centre of Site Systems
• Responsible Design Engineer for Centre of Site Systems
• Design Authority Representative/Owners Engineer with oversite of Vendor Design Activites, including Small and Capital Projects
• Responsible for Component Engineering (with some oversite and assistance provided by the Component and Program Engineering Group). Site Services is responsible for several Centre of Site Buildings and Infrastructure Assets, which includes but is not limited to: B10 Support Centre, B12 Central Maintenance and Laundry Facility, B18 Sewage Processing Plant, B31 Learning Centre, B16 Central Stores, B38 New Fire Training Facility, B29 Training and Mock Up Building, Firewater Pump house 403 and Industrial Water Pump house 408, B41 Steam Plant, B13 Condensate Plant, B24 Ops Building C, Substation B and Site Power Distribution =
Job Profile Summary
• Analyze non-standard station technical problems, or problems requiring a level of expertise which stations do not possess. Provide advice, assess proposed solutions and/or identify potential solutions.
• Assist station staff by contributing to the resolution of design and technical problems and implementation of approved solutions. Attempt to influence engineering staff towards accepting optimum approaches.
• Provide advice to station engineering staff to allow them to troubleshoot problems and/or better understand, sustain and improve performance of equipment/systems/processes.
• Keep informed regarding station performance of specified equipment/systems/processes. Identify potential performance issues and recommend alternatives to deal with them.
• Recommend Nuclear technical programs, reflecting internal and external operating experience and industry technology trends, which maintain/improve the long-term performance of major processes, equipment or systems in the stations.
• Develop, with appropriate direction from Manager or Technical Advisor, approved technical programs which maintain/improve the performance of major processes, equipment or systems, e. g. standards, methods, procedures. As assigned, provide direction and oversee specific phases of project design or technical elements of projects.
• Develop/update technical specifications and standards for equipment, systems and processes. Act as subject matter expert for assigned elements of programs.
• As assigned, provide technical verification of work carried out in the Department and related to the specialty areas, to supplement normal peer verification.
• Maintain state-of-the-art knowledge of internal and external issues and solutions. Actively work towards improving and advancing engineering design methodologies and technology. Attend, and represent Department, as directed, on various technical committees.
• Assist in the development of staff technical expertise, consistent with the direction of the Manager.
• Perform other duties as required.
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