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Quality Manager

Category: Work Type: Perm/Contract Location: Tiverton,ON,Canada
This is a field position. The Senior Project Quality Manager is a member of the project management team, is able to work with minimal district supervision and takes the leadership role in managing project quality. He/she provides primary technical support to all team members and disciplines by managing the development and implementation of the Project Quality Plan. This position requires the incumbent to develop thorough knowledge of the project scope, contract and schedule as they apply to QA/QC. The Senior Project Quality Manager may be required to assist other projects and district objectives as directed.
Duties & Responsibiol:
• Use effective verbal and written communication skills. Knowledge of N Certificate Holder
requirements for Vessel, Pressure relief valve, piping systems, etc.
• With regard to that portion of the work assigned, develop complete understanding of contract
plans, specifications, applicable codes and jurisdictional requirements.
• Examine/inspect field conditions and identify problems, inaccuracies, and cost saving measures
that arise or that may be encountered. Take corrective actions as needed.
• Inspect subordinates’ work for compliance with the contract plans and specifications, point out
deficiencies and explain and take any corrective action needed.
• Listen to other employee's and supervisor's suggestions, complaints, problems, safety concerns
and recommendations, evaluate each and then devise and implement a plan of action based on
that evaluation.
• Understand and implement lockout/tagout procedures in safe manner.
• Develop the Project Quality Plan, goals and objectives. Identify project level risks and implement
measures to limit liabilities.
• Provide training on the Quality Management System for all project personnel. Ensure that quality
training is provided for all new-hire personnel. Participate in Corporate and District Training
initiatives and programs as requested.
• Coordinate Quality staffing needs on the project with the District Quality Manager and assign
qualified personnel.
• Facilitate the project quality kick-off and pre-job planning meetings assuring district quality
policies and procedures are followed. Set up the project quality department.
• Manage implementation and effectiveness of the Project Quality Plan through periodic reviews,
document findings and implement corrective/preventive actions.
• Prepare and report project quality results as directed.
• Facilitate quality walk-arounds (tours) and quality plan implementation reviews (surveys/self-
assessments) to status the program effectiveness.
• Plan and perform field inspections and tests to coordinate with the construction
schedule. Facilitate and champion self-inspection by supervision and craft/trades.
• Ensure that tests are performed, received and interpreted timely so that impacts due to failure are
minimized. Review/approve (initial/date) all third party test results for compliance with project
• Provide training to supervision and craft/trades regarding the project specific quality process and
• Be involved in and provide QA/QC input to task planning.
• Organize and maintain project quality records and files.
• When required, assist in the development and implementation of the Turnover Package
Procedure and assist in assembling turnover packages.
• Coordinate system turnover activities with startup/commissioning teams.
• Manage Non-Conformance reporting. Ensure the cost of rework is tracked and reported.
• Be familiar with District’s ASME and Nuclear Quality Control Manual; be capable of managing the
ASME and Nuclear Quality Control Inspector’s work on the assigned project including Pre and
Post Weld Heat Treat (PWHT) activities.
• Manage/liaison with third party testing and Authorized Inspection agencies.
• Education/Training/Experience:
The Senior Project Quality Manager must be a self-starter with organizational, managerial and leadership skills.
• Must have a four-year engineering, science university degree plus 15 years of experience in a related nuclear construction field (at least four of these years in a Quality position).
• Must have a broad working knowledge of all trades, disciplines and associated special processes, inspection and testing techniques. Must have working knowledge of construction industry codes, standards, and jurisdictional requirements (ASME, etc.) associated with the work. Certifications from API, ASNT, CWB, CGSB, ISO, NACE, etc. are advantageous.
• Must have a valid driver’s license. Must be available to travel to job sites in North America.
• Extensive knowledge of N285, N286, ASME Section III and ISO 9001:2015 codes and standards
Orange badge qualification for Nuclear Energy Worker an asset. CAN/CGSB-48-9712 NDE Certifications knowledge requirements essential. Valid certifications of CGSB MT level 2, PT level 2, UT an asset
CWB VT level 2 (or 3) under B31.1 and B31.3 endorsements an asset. ISO 9001 auditor training and ASME Section III QA requirement training an asset.
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