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17-145 - External Interface Coordinator

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location:
External Interface Coordinator
Number of Vacancies: 1
Level: MP5
Project: Niagara Power Canal Rehabilitation
Duration: 3 years
Location: 2600 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls ON
Estimated Hours per week: 14-35 hours per week
Job Overview
1) coordinate permits and approvals - LRIA(Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act) application, fish relocation, and others as they are identified
2) Coordinate environment and background studies, including terrestrial and avian species at risk, fish, water quality and quantity, coordinate shadow
EA (Environmental Assessment)
3) Coordinate real estate issues, including land use agreements along the canal
4) Coordinate external stakeholder interfaces: NPC, NPCA, City of Niagara Falls, Region, MOECC, Hornblower, NYPA, Welland River Floodplain Association etc.
5) Coordinate the completion of a Public Safety Risk Assessment for the execution phase of the project
6) Develop an approach including consultation process, environmental impacts, etc. for the forestry work that will be required in and along the canal
7) Work with stakeholders to develop an approach to either repair, replace or eliminate the emergency services rescue area in the canal trapezoidal section
8) Develop and maintain a comprehensive interface management plan for external stakeholders in close collaboration with the project CRC (Corporate Relations
and Communications) Officer
Skill Set/Experience Required:
1) Effective working knowledge of the Niagara River hydrology including NRCC (Niagara River Control Centre Operations), including in depth knowledge of
the effects of NRCC operations on a) downstream stakeholders, b) upstream stakeholders, c) Welland River Stakeholders, d) New York Power Authority
2) Experience in the coordination and on-time delivery of studies to support project work and/or operations
3) Broad knowledge of OPG land ownership in Niagara including the agreements that are currently in place along the upper Niagara River, Welland River and the
Power Canal
4) General familiarity and established relationships and contacts with the following organizations: NPC, NPCA, Region of Niagara, City of Niagara Falls,
Welland River Floodplain Association, NYPA, Hornblower, MOECC
5) Strong working knowledge of the Public Safety concerns and past history of events for the Upper Niagara River and the Power Canal
6) Strong working knowledge of OPG's Public Safety governance and approach to managing this risk
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