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6638 - Civil and Security Engineer

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Tiverton, ON
 Civil and Security Engineer
Duration: 1 Year
Location: Tiverton, ON
Job Description 
  • Provide expert technical information, technical advice and strategic advice to the
    Section Manager.
  • The work will include operability assessments for non-standard configuration of
    components and systems and developing recommendations to resolve the non
    standard condition via permanent fix or mitigating actions.
  • As Owner’s Engineer, on behalf of the Design Authority, maintain oversight of
    assigned systems to ensure the approved design basis configuration is
    maintained in accordance with Safety Analysis and Design Requirements
  • Maintain Operational Focus to ensure Safe Operation of the Plant
  • Consult with internal and external contacts (e.g. External Vendors, other utilities,
    etc.) to implement nuclear system modifications and component replacements to
    improve System Health and Equipment Reliability
  • Maintain Commitment to Nuclear Safety with focus on improving safety margins.
  • Lead point of contact for high priority station emergent work providing necessary
    leadership to manage a small or large group of stakeholders.
  • Provide section management and leadership at the request of the section
    manager which includes daily tasks such as but not limited to meeting
    attendance, individual work assignment direction and project accountability.
  • Analyze non-standard station technical problems, or problems requiring an
    advanced level of expertise. (e.g., in the area of system, structure or component
    (SSC) design, performance, reactor safety/licensing, project management).
    Provide advice, assess proposed solutions, develop and/or implement approved
  • Provide functional advice and accountability in the areas of technical expertise,
    risk mitigation, process development and job co-ordination as it relates to the
    execution of work programs.
  • Keep informed regarding internal and external issues and solutions in the
    assigned area. Apply this knowledge by making technical improvements, where
    deemed necessary.
  • Independently manage his/her work and make process improvements to benefit
    the company. (eg. improve process efficiency, reduce corporate cost). Make
    high level, independent decisions and challenge the status quo, where deemed
  • Provide technical verification of work carried out in the Section, as required,
    consistent with Divisional procedures.
  • Provide technical advice to management in engaging external contractors for
    work in the above areas.
  • Provide technical oversight and independent review of work performed by
    external contractors.
  • Provide liaison with external organizations, including participation in CANDU
    Owners Group, Research and Development Working Groups and Standard
    Association Committees.
  • Recommend and/or develop technical programs, reflecting internal and external
    operating experience and industry technology trends, which maintain/improve the
    long-term performance of major processes, equipment and systems. As
    assigned, provide direction and oversee specific phases of project design or
    technical elements of projects. Attend, and represent Department, as directed,
    on various internal and external technical committees.
  • Assist in the development of staff technical expertise, including the execution of
    Job Performance measures, consistent with the requirements of the applicable
    TQD’s under the direction of the Section Manager.
  • Mentor engineering staff to allow them to troubleshoot problems and better
    understand, sustain and improve system design or performanc
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