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74308 - Senior Network Technician

Category: Work Type: Contract Location: Brampton, ON
Senior Network Technician
Duration: 2.5 Months
Location: Brampton, ON
Key Responsibilities/Job Functions:
•Optimize and update the cost models for Rogers voice services, including the trunking cost, the access cost and the usage cost.
•Support other Voice Network Planning teams to quantify the project cost and service cost.
•Initiate and manage cost saving projects, track monthly saving progress to ensure the set objectives are met.
•Analyze the network configuration to identify network optimization opportunities, plan the network redesigns.
•Work with cross-functional teams to design the proof-of-concept solutions and to evaluate the technical feasibility of the multiple options.
•Conduct Scenario analysis and Return on Investment analysis to evaluate the business case, secure project funding.
•Support other Voice Network Planning teams to quantify the project cost and service cost.
•Generate one-off cost report upon request to support the management and the business.
•Be highly adaptive to work on the various technical and business tasks assigned by the manager.
•Apply the disciplined, methodical and professional planning process consistently.
•Stay on top of the latest telecom technology and the market dynamics, quick learning and self-learning are the keys.
Job Qualifications:
•Undergraduate qualification, preferably in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication, or Computer Engineering.
•Minimum 5+ years experience at an engineering position or a business position in Telecom industry, preferably in a voice service related role.
•Knowledge on telephony network, cable network, voice network hierarchy (5 classes), Voice over IP, traffic engineering and other supporting networks, i.e. Transport, Data/IP, Signaling, •Operations Support Systems, i.e. billing, provisioning, etc.
•Knowledge on various telecommunication standards and protocols, SS7, SIP, DOCSIS, MPLS, SONET, etc.
•Understanding of CRTC ruling and decisions on voice services.
•Hands-on experience on large scale report creation in user-friendly format, massive data analysis; strong knowledge of software tools, especially on MS-Excel, Access and Visio.
•Familiarity with UNIX and database is an asset but not a must.
•Proven ability to deliver results with tight timelines.
•Quick learning and effective researching skills are a must.
•Demonstrated strong modeling and analytical skills; a high level of attention to detail and result required.
•Proficient verbal and written communication skills, ability to drive and to close the discussion with multi-functional groups
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