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6770 - Project Planner

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Tiverton
Project Planner
Number of Vacancies: 1 
Duration: 1 Years
Location: Tiverton, Ont. 
Scope of Work
  • Assume a lead role in the preparation and maintenance of planning and control/cost engineering functions, such as integrated cost and schedule program and project plans, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, modification and commissioning, master schedules, coordination and control schedules, forecasts and project execution plans. Prepare or assist with estimates, review of variance and sanction support documentation, etc, to support project management of multidisciplinary-engineered projects or programs. Facilitate Work Breakdown Structure development meetings. Facilitate project team dynamics in order to develop multi-disciplined team solutions.
  • Develop, through discussion with project team members and stakeholders, activity based multi- level project/program schedules, identifying cost and resource predictions (including labour, material, equipment and contract requirements). Perform financial calculations, and make recommendations to the Project Manager/Team as to the most cost-effective manner of achieving project results, with particular emphasis on the inter-relationships between competing alternatives. Establish major project/program milestones, and provide coordination and consulting service to integrate efforts of stakeholders throughout the project/program life cycle.
  • Facilitate assembly of project definition, scope, organization and work breakdown structure
  • data, etc, for the purpose of project execution plan production. Perform financial risk analysis on baseline and scenario project and program cost and schedule activity networks using deterministic and probabilistic techniques, and making recommendations on uncertainty allocation and risk management strategies. Assemble and consolidate data for Scheme Paper preparation, including detailed cost/benefit analysis of competing alternatives. Collect,
  • assemble, summarize and perform integrity checks on individual project budget data in order to establish overall department and division program business planning submissions.
  • Develop and maintain the baseline program budget for the life of the program. Produce cost, schedule and resource reports and graphics to be used for the basis of staffing plans, and strategic resource planning decisions. Conduct periodic sensitivity analysis for the overall program for issues arising due to strategic changes such as, the addition/deleting of projects, outage duration or schedule variations, budgetary constraints, etc. Prepare project/program summary reports indicating status on the overall scope, schedule, cost and concerns to be addressed by the management team.
  • Ensure planning and control documentation is consistent with sound engineering, economic and Project Management principles, and provides optimum conformity to established standards. Provide planning and control expertise. Consult with customers to determine specific requirements, and provide analysis and resolution of planning and control problems to contractors, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and internal project participants. Assist with establishment of Project Change Control Process and administer Project/Program Change Control Process. Assist the Manager by providing advice and support others, related to programs, procedures and techniques, and attempt to ensure compliance.
  • Promote the use of established project management standards and techniques on all projects/programs and the development of new standards as required. Provide Project Management coaching and mentoring services to departments or individuals engaged in the delivery of projects. Give advice, guidance and check work during progress on completion for accuracy and timeliness.
  • Assume a lead role in the resolution of controversial planning problems that may impact on the allocation of project resources associated with the achievement of Project/Program milestones. Contact all project stakeholders in order to coordinate their efforts, deal with engineering problems, expedite various phases of the work, and to integrate work efforts with the overall project schedule. As necessary, influence contacts to adopt a course of action, which is Conduct planning sessions for performing required work, and provide advice and guidance as needed in order to produce solutions which are compatible with work program objectives. Facilitate and develop studies and alternatives.
  • Discuss such studies with project team personnel or consultants, and produce recommendations for alternative work sequences and methods, taking into consideration workable engineered solutions. Produce planning and control documentation using appropriate documentation and analysis tools such as computer based, integrated cost and schedule project management software. Ensure that revised project plans are mutually satisfactory to all involved project team personnel and that all alternative solutions have been dully considered. Integrate revised plans into overall project and /or program schedule compatible with Corporate policy and objectives.
  • Verify field activity status and inform project team of the status of the project's cost/schedule progress and performance on a regular basis as compared to the baseline project plan. Provide project team and line management with performance reports (ie,, schedule variance, cost variance, cost performance, cumulative and period earned value, CPI/SPI etc,), on a routine basis as required by project practices. Make recommendations and exert influence as required to the project manager/team for corrective action such that actual performance meets the planned performance.
  • Review and coordinate the estimating, scheduling and associated planning and control procedures and documents of consultants and contractors to ensure they meet the project's requirements. Monitor and analyze work progress to determine causes of deviation from plan. Influence parties involved to effect remedial action as required. Co-ordinate activities of external consultants and contractors such that they meet the requirements of the project program/plan.
  • Be knowledgeable of methods and procedures in use on various projects, both internally and externally, to analyze, evaluate and recommend effective alternatives to existing standards as appropriate. Ensure implementation of approved recommendations. Participate in the innovation, development and implementation of project management processes, application, tools and procedures and techniques.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of Project Management, Contract Management, Procurement Management, complex engineering projects and associated quality management programs. Maintain a working knowledge of new developments and technologies as they apply to project management.
  • Exercise limited managerial leadership accountability for attached Cost and Scheduling Technicians (the home base Manager for the technicians retains full managerial leadership accountability).
  • Perform other duties as required.
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