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6924 - Cost and Schedule Analyst

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Tiverton
Cost and Schedule Analyst
Vacancies: 1 
Duration: 1 year 
Location: Tiverton, Ont. 
Job Profile Summary
• Provide support to Manager through information accumulation, analysis and problem-solving in regard to one or more of the following areas:
- Work planning and control, e. g. , project planning, schedule and cost analysis, and functional support.
- Cost control, e. g. monitor/cost collection and reporting, cost analysis and cost management support.
- "Programming", ie, operational business planning, work program preparation, integration of work program implementation across the Division, performance monitoring and reporting, and improvement of business processes.
As it relates to Work Planning and Control, support the Section Manager:
• Analyze specified areas of cost and schedule performance. Identify performance variances regarding actual versus planned results. Identify significant risks to achieving planned results. Recommend corrective actions to better align planned and actual results. Produce required reports and related information, e.g., predictive reporting, statistical reports, progress reports, etc.
• Develop and implement specified protocols to be employed in planning work and the preparation of schedules e.g. work categories, prioritization rules, procedures and the like. Attempt to ensure compliance with respect to application of same.
• Develop Division-specific procedures, instructions, guidelines, that facilitate the two-way flow of cost and schedule information.
• Develop and maintain models relating cost and schedule performance to the plan.
• Provide input to, and as specified by the Manager, direction with respect to the preparation of outputs by Technicians, such as, the production of cost-flowed, resource-leveled, Level 1 Site work program plans and schedules; the updating of schedules and work plan information to reflect actual performance; and, the production of cost and schedule reports as required.
• Advise and assist Division staff such as, Line Managers, Work Week Leaders (WWLs), etc. with regards to avoiding and resolving cost and scheduling problems
• Review and coordinate related work received from consultants and contractors. Identify deviations from the plan/schedule, and take/recommend action.
• As directed by the Manager, review planning and control-related techniques, tools, processes and new technology developments for potential application.
OR: As it relates to the Programming, support the Section Manager:
• Analyze specified areas of Work Program performance. Identify performance variances regarding actual versus planned results. Identify significant risks, including real and potential problems related to work program performance. Recommend corrective actions to better align planned and actual work program performance. Produce required reports and related information, e.g. predictive reporting, statistical reports, progress reports, etc.
• Develop and maintain specified elements of Work Program, e.g., Training Plans, Improvement Plans, Capital Plans, Staffing Plans, Generation Plans and Forecasts, performance measures, and other Work Program related documentation.
• Develop Division-specific standards, procedures, instructions, guidelines which facilitate the two-way flow of business plan and budget information consistent with Ontario Power Generation, Nuclear (OPG,N) framework.
• Develop and maintain models, e.g., relating OM & A and capital expenditures to capability factors, resources and overall generation costs, and relating resource and cost performance results.
• Administer the document hierarchy process, and produce a variety of specified data/information.
• Develop work performance reports, indicating status on the scope and schedule, cost and performance information, and concerns to be addressed by the management team.
• Assist the Manager by: developing Division-specific elements of the OPG,N managed system, e.g., key performance areas, performance objectives, performance measures, performance standards, performance targets, reporting systems and procedures; developing methods, infrastructure, plans and reports and coordinating implementation actions to optimize Division performance; gathering data, analyzing, synthesizing, and recommending priorities, resource requirements, business plans and budget content, etc.; analyzing planned and actual performance
related to achievement of work programs. Identify risks/problems; leading special projects and tasks team as required; acquiring information from internal and external sources required to benchmarking and improve performance. Provide input to improvement recommendations; making recommendations related to integrated strategies, policies, plans, programs and schedules to optimize use of resources for Division work methods and procedures; assisting with performance/compliance evaluation and reporting on work program and project performance versus plan, adherence to plan; recommend corrective actions to the Manager; assisting with the implementation of specific Division process improvements with OPG,N framework; coordinating resolution of specified work program issues common to the Division’s departments.
• Coordinate specified elements of the business planning and budgeting process with line managers.
• Advise and assist line managers regarding work program planning, establishing priorities and resource requirements, developing business plans and budgets, implementation of plans, reporting, etc., and in identifying performance gaps and resolving problems related to the above. Attempt to ensure compliance with respect to same.
• Act as the SPOC/SME/Administrator for designated Management Information Systems (MIS).
• Provide on-the-job training within the Department, specifically on Department-specific procedural aids and
MIS, to develop and maintain a high skill level.
• Act as a high technical resource to staff to help them work effectively and solve problems that arise.
OR: As it relates to Project Planning, support the Section Manager, Project Managers and Project teams:
• Prepare/provide direction to the preparation of cost and schedule elements of Project Execution Plans for capital and O M & A project work. Facilitate assembly of project definition, scope, organization and work breakdown structure data, etc. for the purpose of project execution plan production. Assemble and consolidate data for project business case summary preparation, including integrity checks on data and detailed cost/benefit analysis of competing alternatives. Perform/provide direction to the preparation and maintenance of cost and schedule estimates.
• Provide planning and control expertise to develop plans and schedules. Monitor, analyze, and report cost/schedule performance, and identify options to resolve planning and control problems.
• Perform cost and schedule analysis, and risk analysis and make effective recommendations as to the optimal cost and effective manner of achieving project results.
• Review the estimating, scheduling and associated planning and control procedures and documents of consultants and contractors to ensure they meet the Project’s requirements. Recommend improvement(s) where appropriate.
• Act as a high level technical resource staff to help them work effectively and solve problems that arise.
OR: As it relates to Work Control functional support, support the Section Manager:
• Act on behalf of Section Manager, as delegated.
• Provide task direction to Technicians in the group, as assigned by Manager, to achieve fully aligned results related to: performance reporting, computer software support and process support.
• Develop details of Department training needs and training programs, and associated training schedules (e.g., for Cost & Schedule Analyst and Cost & Schedule Technician training programs) including: Passport Software, TEMPUS Software, P3 Software, Passport/P3/TEMPUS interfaces, Project Management theory and practices (in support of the OPG,N Project Management Manual), Cost Engineering (cost recovery models) in support of CAP & OMA work, Work Control Processes and Procedures as defined in OPG,N Governing Docs, Work Control report generation
• Work with or assist Training Support Services Division (TSSD) in the development of training courses required to support the Work Control Processes and Procedures, e.g., the OPG,N N-Procs-MA Procedures, OPG,N Project Management Manual, and any department-specific procedural aids that are required.
• Coordinate implementation of the Department’s training and development plan for Stratum II and Stratum I roles e.g., Cost & Schedule Technicians, Cost & Schedule Analysts, WWLs, Planning Specialists. Work with TSSD to define yearly training schedules that satisfy needs. Create yearly “training plan” for each department Stratum II and I role. Report performance indices for training, identify training performance issues related to staff and overall program.
• Provide on-the-job training within the Department, specifically on Department-specific procedural aids, to develop and maintain a high skill level.
• Represent the Manager, when his/her personal attendance is not warranted, on teams associated with: work control functional issues e.g., work on OPG,N development team to develop and maintain the training program for
Cost & Schedule Analysts/Technicians; performance reporting issues; software support; teams which are developing
Work Control Department -related programs/processes.
• Act as SPOC/SME/Administrator for designated systems e.g.;Act as the Department P3 Administrator ( License, Infrastructure, Coding, Reporting format)
• Act as line contact supporting the WMS software and business section component of Passport
• Act as the DLC/SME in Passport Substaining Support
• Maintain Equipment Data Base in Passport in support of the Predefined Program
• Assist Department staff to overcome obstacles to productive work through provision of in-house Work
Control process/software advice and assistance to quickly solve problems.
• Develop and measure metrics associated with process compliance.
• Work with Work Control and line managers to achieve specified continual improvements of Work Control
Processes and Procedures, which are consistent across OPG,N.
• Carry out/assist/coordinate troubleshooting and resolution of process and systems problems. Document results and update the OPG,N Processes, procedures and training as required.
• Support the development, production and improvement of the management reports used for the purposes of communicating station status, e.g., SCR.
OR: As it relates to Cost Control, Support the Section Manager:
• In the planning process, contribute to the development of division-specific budgeting process, procedures, instructions and guidelines to facilitate the two-way flow of information. Gather budget inputs, and analyze and establish budgets down to the Work Group level. Acquire all relevant cost information. Consolidate and make adjustments to budget inputs to come up with Department, Division and Station-level budgets. Forecast trends based on past and present experiences. Expedite specified elements of the budgeting process with line managers. Convert detailed budgets into the required format for budget upload to OPG,N cost collection and reporting system.
• During the implementation process, develop and implement Division-specific cost collection process and cost models to facilitate cost monitoring and control: Administer the cost reporting processes and system; Recommend and implement specific process improvements within OPG,N constraints to improve productivity, as approved; Provide time reporting system administration service to line management; Provide direction to divisional staff in the application of cost elements, NEI codes, Work Events, etc., for cost collection and reporting of OM&A, capital and IIP work program.
• For the monitoring process, conduct or produce regular cost reports in support of operations, maintenance, outage, engineering and project work.
• As assigned, conduct the production of, or prepare special or ad hoc cost reports, as requested.
• Assist line management in interpretation of cost in relation to operational results. Acquire all relevant cost information as requested by line to help identify explanations of cost variance. Advise, assist and influence line management towards a direction of avoiding and resolving cost problems.
• As assigned, conduct investigations into questionable costs of specialized costing areas of needs.
• Perform cost analysis. Identify deviations from the plan. Take/recommend corrective action as appropriate to mitigate budget variance, and monitor results of same.
• Provide advice to line management regarding the identification of need for year-end projection changes.
Make effective recommendations to line on mitigating actions, or facilitate the proactive year end projection changes.
• Contribute to project review meetings, as necessary, to monitor progress, identify problems, and initiate corrective actions.
OR: As it relates to exercising limited managerial leadership accountability for attached Cost & Schedule
Technicians (the home base manager for the Technicians retains full managerial leadership accountability):
• Assign tasks consistent with the context and task type set by the “home base” Manager of the Technicians.
• Review/monitor task performance; provide recognition of good performance and coaches to aid improved performance.
• Report personal effectiveness to the “home base” Manager of the Technicians.
• Perform other duties as required.
This knowledge is normally considered to be acquired through the successful completion of a four-year university education in an appropriate field (e.g. engineering, business administration, accounting, computer science) or by having the equivalent level of education and or experience
• Experience in the application of various computer systems and software
• A period of over 6 years and up to and including 8 years is considered necessary to gain this experience
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