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18-084 - Project Manager, Nuclear Fleet Improvement

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Pickering
18-084 - Project Manager, Nuclear Fleet Improvement Projects
Number of Vacancies: 1 
Level: Band G
Duration: 12 months
Location: 889 Brock Road, Pickering ON
Project Title: Project Management of Nuclear Strategic Portfolio Projects and Initiatives
Job Overview
  • Provide leadership in project management including design, cost schedule, quality, material control and contract work. Be responsible for optimization of project implementation.
  • Define project objectives, scope, estimates, schedules, work plans and all resource requirements.
  • Integrate the efforts of all persons contributing to a project, Coordinate and implement project technical work/solutions, and initiate the acquisition of appropriate approvals.
  • Prepare reports to provide information and data in response to requests. Initiate studies or investigations where opportunities for improvement are apparent. Collect, or Arrange for collection, assembly and analysis of data associated with past events or operations. Prepare reports outlining technical details of procedure, processes, results, or conclusions and the roles played by internal and/or external groups, such may include delivery of presentations
  • Provide cost estimates and update costs of existing projects. Monitor actual project costs, and investigate and explain variances. Assist in the preparation of financial justification for the release of project funds. 
  • This position requires sound knowledge of engineering principles and processes associated with nuclear generation facilities as well as business and project management.
  • A 4-year university degree in a relevant field
  • Over 10 years of experience: a) in the construction, modification and maintenance of a nuclear generating station, and b) in the management of projects in these areas.
  • PLUS - Led a larger project team to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in project management principles and practices.
 Must have demonstrated:
  • The ability to break down complex problems into manageable parts, and to develop alternative solutions as recommendations.
  • The ability to prioritize conflicting requirements to achieve results in a complex and evolving business environment.
  • The ability to lead a team and elicit the maximum contribution from all the members.
  • The ability to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization, and to convey complex matters in simple terms.
  • The ability to maintain high standards related to output quality against requirements, and to consistently require conformance by both staff and contractors.
  • A working knowledge of industry best practices in the subject area.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the design/modification business of nuclear generation, as to be conversant with the complexities of the technical organizational and business relationships within a generating station.
  • Ability to elicit satisfactory outputs from a team of subordinates, and work collaboratively with peers.
Supplementary Requirements
  • Project Management Experience
  • Certification as a Project Management Professional is considered to be an asset in this role.
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