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18-095 - Chief Physician

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Whitby
Chief Physician
Number of Vacancies: 1
Level: Band F
Duration: 3 years
Location: 1600 Champlain Ave, Whitby ON
Job Overview
1. Assist OPG to monitor occupational health issues and advise on appropriate measures for correction. a) work closely with line management and the health and safety function in identifying and monitoring potential occupational health hazards, b) Ensure that OPG senior management are kept apprised of occupational health issues.
2. Assist OPG to provide assistance for employees with performance problems that are health related. a) Using the procedures developed for the attendance/performance management systems and provisions of the Collective Agreements; act as a resource for assisting employees with performance problems that are health related which include examining employees for fitness for duty, directing employees requiring assistance into appropriate treatment programs, acting as a resource to supervisors in managing health related performance problems and established health policies and procedures.
3. Advise on policies and procedures as they relate to health care and safety issues. a) Provide advice to the health and safety staff, senior management, and Human Resources staff as required to ensure appropriate and consistent employee health care management. b) Provide advice to senior management on legal and ethical compliance of OPG policies and procedures relating to medical regulations and standards. c) Provide advice to senior management on compliance of occupational and public health and practices to environmental and health standards for the public.
4. Responsibilities for medical examinations required by legislation and corporate policy; upon the request of OPG. a) Conduct or arrange job-related medical examinations to ensure the suitability of individuals as to their physical capacity and mental fitness to perform safely and predictability upon request of OPG management (e.g. respirator medical assessments, specialized fitness assessments, designated substance assessments, noise audiometry, biological/medical surveillance). b) Conduct or arrange medical examinations required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, upon request from OPG management. c) Conduct update assessments of "permanent" accommodations. D) Recommend employees to be transferred onto Long Term Disability benefit.
5. Promote the maximum rehabilitation of all sick and injured employees. a) Facilitate the entry of employees requiring rehabilitation assistance into appropriate treatment programs. b) Recommend physical or mental work restrictions with estimated time targets for recovery to assist in appropriate temporary work accommodation. c) Advice on suitability of work assignments based on work restrictions and job demands, including time targets.
6. Assist OPG Health and safety to oversee the health service facilities. a) Act as custodian of all employee health records and ensure appropriate measures and controls are in place to comply with applicable legislation and standards. b) Assist in the maintenance of complete and accurate employee medical records while maintaining confidentiality in all dealings with employees, management and external agencies. c) Ensure these facilities maintain professional medical standards. d) Advise these facilities on suitable required property, equipment, supplies, and budget. e) Regularly monitor and review for supply renewal of antiviral stockpile and distribution plan' ensure appropriate facilities and securities are in place.
7. Give employees information about medical care providers. a) Ensure availability of a range of health assessment services from external providers to ensure line managers have the health assessment services support they require.
8. Liaise with other health care professionals, government agencies, benefit providers and employee groups as required. a) Liaise with private medical practitioners, clinics, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, long and short term disability carriers, Ministry of Labour (Health and Safety), Ministry of Health, local Public Health Units, unions, workplace health and safety committees as authorized by OPG senior management.
9. Provide medical representation on behalf of OPG. a) May include representation at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, grievance/arbitration hearings, Ministry of Labour hearings, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission hearings, workshops, seminars, committees, etc. in keeping with employee health policies and procedures. b) May include public representation on medical issues.
10. Clinical services. a) May provide clinical services (employee medical care) in the event of a catastrophic emergency (e.g. pandemic, serious operational event) upon the request of OPG.
11. Emergency Management Expertise. a) Routinely monitor health trends and advice OPG on any necessary actions to mitigate disruptions to OPG operations as a result of significant health risks (e.g. pandemic, communicable disease surveillance, influenza, etc.) b) provide expert advice and support to OPG's Emergency Management program as it relates to medical needs.
12. A certified physician by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (in good standing)
13. Specialty in Occupational Medicine
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