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18-096 - Senior Technical Expert

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Pickering
Senior Technical Expert
Number of Vacancies: 1
Level: MP6
Duration: Approximately 2 years, proposed end date June 5, 2020
Location: 777 Brock Rd. Pickering ON
Job Overview
In May 2018, Canadian Nuclear Partners was awarded a contract to provide Fuel Channel inspection and engineering support for Point Lepreau Generating Station for the next 10 years, in which the MCED FC group will be needed to provide engineering support for all outage inspections and maintaining their Life Cycle Management Plan. This will be an extensive amount of additional work to the current MCED FC group, which will require highly capable additional resources.
Pickering Relicensing efforts for operation to 2024 requires considerable work for ongoing demonstration of Fuel Channel (FC) fitness for service. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has identified numerous areas in which additional assessments will be required. Deuterium Ingress measurement/modelling is a major area of concern which will require significant support beyond core work for Major Components Engineering Department (MCED).
In Darlington NGS, in light of the fact that tight-fitting spacer detection is not possible in early life, which coincides with the time that the spacers are not "pinched" between the pressure tube (PT) and the calandria tube (CT) (and are thus possibly susceptible to movement), ensuring adequate inspection scope to properly assess/manage this risk is something that will require considerable technical support. Other DNGS FC activities that will require support include preparing an aging management strategy for atypical PT orientation, baseline inspections requirements, and optimizing the defueling strategy of Unit 3 to achieve more aggressive schedule targets.
Additionally, considerable support is needed for various Inspection and Reactor Innovation (IRI) inspection tooling initiatives/improvements - e.g. CWEST, deeper scrape project for the DAS tool, commissioning of RDM.
Individual will be responsible for developing Life Cycle Management Plans, providing detailed FC inspection scope of work requirements, reviewing inspection assessments, and providing Fitness for Service dispositions for Fuel Channels
1. Experience: > 10 years working with Fuel Channels, with thorough understanding of degradation mechanisms, life cycle management issues, and assessment methodologies
2. Engineering degree is required
3. P. Eng is preferable
4. Must have working knowledge of current Fuel Channel assessments - e.g. flaw assessments, blister susceptibility assessments, probabilistic core assessments, leak-before-break assessment
5. CSA N285.4 / N285.8 working knowledge
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