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18-098 - Technical Reviewer - Return to Service

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Bowmanville
18-098 - Technical Reviewer - Return to Service
Number of Vacancies: 3
Level: MP4
Duration: 19 months
Location: Darlington
Job Overview
Be responsible for overall RTS-Documentation completion assurance in providing overall technical review, problem solving, review of technical specifications, product expertise, and related services to stakeholders, station/facility personnel, management and other interested parties concerning operations and maintenance (including redesign of systems, equipment, and components, construction/modification/fabrication and commissioning) of nuclear plants and associated facilities in one or any combination of the following fields:
2. Maintenance (mechanical, civil, control including predictive, preventive & corrective)
3. Operations
4. Fuel handling
5. Nuclear Safety Analysis and Assessment, including, safe operating envelope
6. Risk and Reliability Assessment, including Probabilistic Risk Assessment
7. Tritium Removal Facility (TRF), and Heavy Water Management
8. Performance engineering (eg. primary, secondary, common and safety/support systems)
9. Component, equipment, and Piping
10. Engineering Programs
11. Environmental qualification
12. Chemistry and materials science
13. Configuration management, engineered modifications and design basis control
14. Inspection and maintenance (eg. NDE)
15. System & equipment design (eg. mechanical, electrical, I & C, civil, and software)
16. Design drawings and on-line wiring
17. Procurement Engineering
18. Pressure Boundary
19. Analysis (structural, component, thermal hydraulic, specialized Nuclear)
20. Nuclear Waste Management
21. Research & Development Management
22. Quality Management
23. Functional area projects (eg. technical, analytical, engineering, modifications)
24. Knowledge of engineering principles and technical understanding of a nuclear plant.
25. Good communication skills (written and oral) are required.
26. Successful completion of a four year university education in appropriate engineering field or equivalent level of education.
27. Professional designation will be beneficial (P.Eng, CET); Mechanical, Electrical, I & C, Civil, Procurement, Computer.
28. Review surveillance checks for Regulatory Restart Hold Point release.
29. Complete Quality Management Surveillances and assessments with focus on Regulatory Hold Points
30. Prepare reports, summarizing findings.
31. Identify issues, risks, recommendations and lessons learned.
32. Engineering design, field observation, regulatory and licensing knowledge.
33. Previous refurbishment experience will be an asset.
34. Auditor, oversight or quality surveillance experience will be beneficial.
35. Understanding of the OPG governance framework and Restart Project will also be beneficial.
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