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Senior Engineer - Programmatic Activities and Requirements, PM program.

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Engineer - Programmatic Activities & Requirements, PM program.

Duration: 12 months with potential 36.
Start Date: August, 2018
The engineering program (ISI, EQ, FAC, etc.) Implementation requires technical support such as developing, programmatic preventive maintenance activities, creating PM preservation tasks including support documents, and populating collected data into PM module (SAP) or specific Operating Management System. All these tasks requires a skill set of engineering programs, plant operation and project management at a nuclear power plant. The engineers should be able to independently identify plant equipment, read plant drawings (P&ID and Isometric drawings) and have minimum knowledge of plant design basis. The Familiarization with ISI, FAC and EQ program is a plus for these positions. This project requires proficiency in Microsoft Office products such as Access, excel, word, project and Vislo. The engineers should be able to work with schedulers to schedule tasks in P-6. All activities will be performed under the guidance of Engineering Program Manager.
Duties/Responsibilities and Required Skills
a. Developing preventive maintenance (PM) support activities
• Technical support and data acquisition and review for ISI and FAC Program requirements e.g. retrieval and review for
Isometric and P&IDs (ISI, FAC)
• Technical support and data acquisition and review for EQ Program requirements e.g. retrieval and review of EQ Test
Report, Vendor Qualification Documents/Reports, etc. (EQ)
• Collection and review of Program related support documents for program consolidation (ISI, FAC, EQ)
• Assemble support drawings and verify categorization (e.g. A-one directional, B-multidirectional, C-allows thermal movement for ISI)
• Collect and compile system parameter information (i.e. design and operation pressures, temperatures, etc.) for pressure test segments (ISI, FAC)
• Collect and compile EQ parameter such as environmental condition, room number, model, etc. and update EQ Master of SAP if required (EQ)
• Verify weld information (OD, schedule, base material(s), weld design and weld material(s), etc.) and add to database
• Verify EQ component flag in SAP module and equipment master data (EQ)
b. Creating PM preservation tasks including support documents
• Determine craft support requirements for each weld and support location (ISI, FAC)
• Conduct inventory of ISI calibration standards, verify they are in a secure climate controlled location (ISI)
• Makeup P&ID drawings with pressure test segments and verify complete coverage of code boundaries (ISI)
• Extraction of maintenance tasks from EQTR and or QVDL and develop EQ maintenance guidelines (EQMG) for each type of model (EQ)
• Extraction of service life from EQMS or EQTR and populate in EQMS and SAP module (EQ)
• Create pressure testing PM models (including removal of insulation at bolted connections) and assign periodic requirements and create plan for availability of VT-2 examiners for online tests and outage (ISI)
c. Populating collected data into PM module (SAP) or specific Operating Management System
• Create ISI Functional Locations, Maintenance Tasks and Maintenance Plans and load into SAP PM Module (ISI, FAC)
• Populate EQ master data and EQMG into Equipment Qualification Management System and SAP PM Module (EQ)
Experience and Qualifications
a. Good Project Management and Communication Skills
b. Experience in EQMS and SAP
c. Engineering related qualification with at least 3 years’ experience in engineering program related field
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