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Senior Engineer - Equipment Reliability Process Implementation

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Senior Engineer - Equipment Reliability Process Implementation

Duration: 12 months with potential 36.
Start Date: August, 2018
The Equipment Reliability Process Implementation includes activities such as Plant Preservation Preventive Maintenance (PM) program development, support the development of Operational PM program and development of Single Point Vulnerability (SPV) action plans. All these tasks requires a skill set of system engineering, plant operation and project management at a nuclear power plant. The engineers should be able to independently identify plant equipment, read plant drawings and have minimum knowledge of plant design basis. The familiarization of INPO AP-913 Process is a plus for this position. The engineers should be familiar with Technical Specification, FSAR and other design documents. This project requires proficiency in Microsoft Office products such as Access, excel, word, project and Visio. The engineers should be able to work with schedulers to schedule tasks in P-6. All activities will be performed under the guidance of ER Manager.
Duties/Responsibilities and Required Skills
a. Plant Preservation
This activity includes developing PM program for important plant equipment turned over from construction organization to plant operation waiting for plant startup. The engineers will develop a detailed maintenance plan required to ensure long term reliability of plant equipment. This task will require familiarity tasks like plant maintenance, equipment performance, condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance activities. This project will also require good communication and project management skill.
b. SPV Action Plan
The SPV Action Plan development requires a background in nuclear power plant operation. Prior I&C and Electrical system engineering and plant operation knowledge will be an asset for this position. The scope of this activity includes development of elimination, mitigation and bridging strategies for SPV components in the plant. The engineer will work closely with plant system engineers in the implementation of SPV action plans.
c. Thermal Performance Monitoring
The engineer will be responsible of developing BNPP Thermal Performance Monitoring program. This position requires good understanding of plant thermodynamics cycle and be able to develop guidance for monitoring plant Thermal Performance. The final product of this project will be in a form of a procedure with several guidance aids for plant thermal performance engineers to support Thermal Performance Monitoring. The engineer should be able to transfer knowledge and skills to plant engineers.
d. Preventive Maintenance Program Implementation
The engineer must have good understanding of INPO AP-913 Process. Background in Equipment Reliability will be a plus for this position. The engineer should be able to identify plant critical components using guidance. Support plant engineers in implementation of PM program. This position requires good communication Skills.
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