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18-109 - Contracts Coordinator

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Bowmanville
18-109 - Contracts Coordinator
Number of Vacancies: 4
Level: MP4
Duration: 24 months
Location: Darlington
Project Title: Oversight Support for Darlington Refurbishment Radiation Protection
Job Overview
Reporting to the RP Field Section Manager, undertake operation, maintenance and capital projects from conception to completion, as assigned by the Manager. Review systems drawings for technical accuracy and ensure that specifications are met. Coordinate with internal and external groups to ensure that all aspects of the project are compatible such as schedules and deadlines, and that the quality of work meets standards, regulations, and specifications. Be the site contact for local contracts and oversee the supervision of staff assigned to assist with the contracts work program. Coordinate the work of contractors and trade unions at site. Be the single point of contact/SME for SCR’s/CAPS. Assist in development of Radiation Protection programs.
1. On behalf of the Department, undertake operation and maintenance projects from conception to completion, as assigned by Manager
2. Make effective recommendations to Manager on the feasibility of performing the work using Company staff or by tendering the work to contractors. Review systems drawings, as required, to ensure that specifications are met, and that the drawings are compatible with existing structures and systems. When tendering, review documents for technical accuracy, detail engineering and accuracy of drawings, making changes as necessary. At various stages of development, obtain appropriate approvals, and final approval prior to tendering contracts.
3. Coordinate and collaborate with internal and external groups such as trades staff, planning staff, consulting engineers and architects, contractors, fire inspectors and appropriate municipal permit authorities, to provide building systems. Ensure that electrical, civil, architectural, operational, mechanical, financial treatment, and unique project features are considered, discussed, and meet specifications. All aspects of the project must be compatible including schedules and budgets for the various phases of the work program.
4. Analyze and evaluate tenders. Commensurate with authority make effective recommendations to Manager on the successful contractor based upon examination of the ability of the proposal to meet specifications, including budget.
5. Coordinate work of contractors and consultants to ensure quality of work performed, adherence to work schedule, and conformance with standards, policies, legal requirements, codes, H&S policies, regulations, and specifications. Coordinate pre award process with trade unions, i.e. Chestnut Park Accord (CPA).
6. Administer local service contracts with contractors and consultants; review of manufacturers' drawings, operating manuals, and commissioning reports; coordinate work and schedules to meet time guidelines and constraints; review, evaluate, and recommend changes and substitutions to the Manager.
7. Monitor the status of all assigned projects including inspection of installation, and participate in or witness commissioning of work. Ensure that the quality of work meets specifications and comply with the contract. Prepare written reports to document observations, findings, work details and completion dates.
8. Prepare reports after conducting inspections of in-service systems, to monitor their operations after project completion. Initiate adjustments to contracts, modifications and remedial measures upon completion of inspection. Work with operation and maintenance personnel to prepare maintenance programs and schedules.
9. Administer work. Carry out supervisory responsibilities and administer work activities relating to the work programs. Plan, organize, assign work and provide guidance and instruction. Ensure quality and quantity of work production to achieve objectives and to meet schedules. Provide staff with training in work methods and techniques and ensure their awareness of established practices and procedures. Recommend on organizational and personnel matters. Assign and check work of contract staff working on projects. Give instructions and direction on work and problems as required.
10. Be the SPOC/SME for SCR’s/Corrective Action Plans (CAPS), take on action tracking assignments, track and report to Manager.
11. Act as the interface for work control, identify and schedule work that requires participation of staff outside the unit. Compile and rationalize the 13 week Integrated Planning Group (IPG) schedule, report to Manager.
12. Work with FLM’s to develop maintenance programs for the Department.
Education: Requires a detailed technical knowledge of computer applications, mathematics, contracts and specifications, building codes and inspection, electrical equipment, and automatic controls as related to building mechanical services such as heating, ventilation, drainage, water supply and sewage disposal. Requires communications skills, both written and oral, to be able to effectively communicate with others and prepare reports.
This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the successful completion of Grade XII plus 3 years' further concentrated study, or by having the equivalent level of education.
Experience: Requires experience with system installation of electrical, mechanical, structural and communication systems to evaluate drawings and tenders to ensure that specifications are met. Requires experience with the above to analyze and evaluate tenders and recommend the one most suitable. Requires experience with project scheduling to commit to projects and have them completed within time guidelines. Requires experience to coordinate and manage the work of consultants and contractors. Requires experience in site inspection, commissioning, contractor installation, and review of in-service systems to assess satisfactory operation. Requires experience to become familiar with Nuclear facility safety procedures and practices, including radiation and personal protective equipment.
A period of over 6 years, up to and including 8 years, is considered necessary to gain this experience.
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