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18-110 - Health Physicist

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Bowmanville
18-110 - Health Physicist
Number of Vacancies: 5
Level: MP4
Duration: 24 months
Location: Darlington
Project Title: Health Physics Support for Darlington Refurbishment Radiation Protection
Job Overview
Reporting to the Section Manager, the role of Health Physicist performs radiation protection duties in assigned areas of the radiation safety program for the nuclear plants and facilities on site. This includes carrying out various responsibilities regarding radiation safety as it pertains to the protection of station personnel and the general public residing in the vicinity of the nuclear stations and facilities.
This is an exciting opportunity to work in an environment where you will contribute to Ontario Power Generation’s continued growth and success in generating safe, clean, reliable low-cost power in a sustainable manner.
1. Develop and implement dose and contamination reduction strategies;
2. Solve problems arising from station operation and assess on a continuous basis, the effectiveness of solutions;
3. Review new or revised radiation protection policies/standards and procedures
4. Review work plans and procedures for ALARA considerations;
5. Operate radiation protection programs and routine radiological reporting for the station;
6. Review and approve (as appropriate) the radiological aspects of plant design, operating and maintenance manuals, and work procedures;
7. Monitor the station's radiation protection program recommending strategies for improvements or corrective actions;
8. Conduct or participate in investigations of radiological incidents.
9. 4 year university degree in science or engineering
We are seeking a results oriented individual with the following:
10. 3-5 years of experience as a Health Physicist in a related industry;
11. Knowledge and understanding of chemistry, physics or nuclear engineering and appropriate related mathematics, to understand and apply radiation theories in the assessment of radiation hazards and the development of radiation protection practices;
12. Experience with radiation protection and the related problems that can arise within large nuclear plants and the methods used in dealing with them.
13. Experience in understanding and evaluating relationships between radiation protection and operating practices at nuclear plants;
14. Knowledgeable of related legislation and its influence and our responsibilities to the general public;
15. Excellent oral and written communication skills to prepare effective documentation, procedures, instructions, presentations and reports;
16. Ability to establish and maintain excellent working relationships with internal and external stakeholders;
17. Demonstrated critical thinking skills;
18. Strong leadership qualities and possess well-developed analytical skills;
19. A results-oriented focus, with the ability to work in a fast-paced changing environment and effectively manage several projects simultaneously; and
20. Possess a valid driver's license.
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