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18-113 - Security Program Senior Advisor

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Pickering
18-113 - Security Program Senior Advisor
Number of Vacancies: 1
Level: Band H
Duration: Up to 1 year
Location: 889 Brock Road, Pickering ON
Job Overview
NWMD facilities and to Radioactive Material Transportation (RMT):
Main point of contact for all aspects of the security program as it relates to NWMD facilities and to Radioactive Material Transportation (RMT).
1. General advice on security related issues that may arise.
2. Writing Site Security Reports, Annual Transportation Security Plan and Sealed Sources Transportation Security Plan.
3. Act as an interface between NWMD and site security organizations including for issue resolution relating to security services at used fuel dry storage facilities and RMT.
4. Act as an interface between NWMD, SES and Bruce Power for security related issues with respect to OPG retained facilities on the Bruce Power Site.
5. Interface with the CNSC Wastes and Decommissioning Division and CNSC Security Division on behalf of NWMD with respect to security related issues for NWMD sites and RMT. This includes meetings with CNSC Staff, telephone and email communication (Required to be on the list of persons authorized to communicate with the CNSC).
6. Draft formal Security related CNSC correspondence on behalf of NWMD.
7. Participate in all CNSC Wastes and Decommissioning Division and Security Division Inspections at NWMD facilities.
8. Prepare security related licensing submissions for NWMD sites
9. Work with Performance Engineering on recommendations for security equipment life cycle and performance monitoring.
Project team member for all NWMD projects that have security components or are working in or near the PA:
10. Attend weekly project team meetings.
11. Recommend security system components for modifications.
12. Review, modify and accept on behalf of SES security related design packages.
13. Review, modify and accept on behalf of SES Project civil design modifications that may affect security (e.g. storm water run-off system creating underground pathways into the PA).
14. Review and sign construction related MOUs on behalf of Security.
15. Participate in system commissioning activities, as well as review and accept system-commissioning reports for Security.
16. Discuss security modifications with the CNSC during the design phase to ensure CNSC acceptance and prepare construction security related CNSC submissions.
17. Construction site walk-downs to ensure compliance with security provisions during construction
Quality Assurance:
18. This relates to both formal and informal security self assessments and facility walk-downs
19. Major component of this work is pre-inspection self-assessments at DNGS, PNGS and the 3 Used Fuel Facilities and other periodic SES self-assessments.
20. Conduct numerous targeted security self-assessment as required.
Controlled Goods Program Designated Official:
Point of contact for OPG with Public Works and Government Services Canada, Controlled Goods Directorate for the administration of the controlled goods program
21. Prepare and submit Controlled Goods Security Plan to the Controlled Goods Directorate.
22. Prepare and submit Controlled Goods Registration application and periodic amendments that are required due to changes in OPG Board Members.
23. Conduct Security Assessments on required OPG staff that have access to Controlled Goods.
24. Maintain records of transfers of OPG controlled goods for audit (e.g. LAV sent to a Registered dealer for warranty work).
25. Participate in Controlled Goods Inspections.
SES Strategic Vehicle Fleet SPOC:
26. SES Fleet SPOC as per T&WE Budget
27. Vehicle approval coordination for SES Fleet (Security, ERT, EM)
28. Financial oversight.
29. Management team reporting.
30. Up-fitting oversight.
31. SES standards development.
32. Business planning input.
33. ARI Card validation.
Corporate Emergency Operations Facility (CEOF) Security Director:
34. Team Security Director.
35. On call two of every six weeks.
Attributes to be successful at this Senior Advisor position:
36. Position operates at the Mature to Expert Level, and Holds a Valid OPG Level II 'Secret' Clearance.
37. Self Starter with the ability to see what needs to be completed and execute without waiting for direction.
38. Take ownership of the program.
39. Work on the program elements without the need for active supervision.
40. Comfortable working with senior management (often in meetings with SES and Waste Directors and VP).
41. Comfortable reporting issues to senior Management.
42. Comfortable on challenging other work groups (e.g. Rejecting commissioning results, not accepting ASF where project management are pushing for acceptance).
43. Institutional politics. Developing relationships with other OPG workgroups and contractors to facilitate getting priorities addressed and knowing when to escalate to get results.
44. Comfortable communicating with the CNSC including respectful pushback when there are differences of opinion.
Knowledge Transfer:
The person selected is required to maintain the current waste security program, and train a replacement person.
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