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18-134 - Cost and Scheduling Analyst

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Pickering
18-134 - Cost and Scheduling Analyst
Number of Vacancies: 2
Level: MP4
Duration: 1 year
Location: Pickering
Job Overview
1. Analyze specified areas of cost and schedule performance. Identify performance variances regarding actual versus planned results. Identify significant risks to achieving planned results. Recommend corrective actions to better align planned and actual results. Consult with Department staff and others to as required. Produce required reports and related information, e.g., predictive reporting, statistical reports, progress reports, etc.
2. As assigned, participate in the development and implementation specified protocols to be employed in planning work and the preparation of schedules e.g. work categories, prioritization rules, procedures and the like. Attempt to ensure compliance with respect to application of same.
3. Participate in developing Division-specific procedures, instructions, guidelines that facilitate the two-way flow of cost and schedule information.
4. Contribute to developing and maintaining models relating cost and schedule performance to the plan.
5. Provide input to, and as specified by the Manager, advice, with respect to the preparation of outputs by Technicians, e.g.:
6. production of cost-flowed, resource-leveled, Level 1 Site work program plans and schedules;
7. updating of schedules and work plan information to reflect actual performance;
8. production of cost and schedule reports as required.
9. Advise and assist Division staff such as, Line Managers, Work Week Leaders, etc. with regards to avoiding and resolving cost and scheduling problems
10. Review related work received from consultants and contractors. Identify deviations from the plan/schedule and take/recommend action as directed.
11. As directed by the Manager, review planning and control-related techniques, tools, processes and new technology developments for potential application.
Requires a knowledge of engineering principles and concepts, probability and statistics, industrial management, industrial processes, management information systems, economics and accounting practices to understand and assess numerous interdependencies of engineering, resource acquisition, installation, commissioning and operating a nuclear power generation facility. Requires a good knowledge of English, both oral and written, to facilitate effective communications with others.
This knowledge is normally considered to be acquired through the successful completion of a four-year university education in an appropriate field (e.g. engineering, business administration, computer science) or by having the equivalent level of education.
Requires experience within the work group to achieve a level of proficiency sufficient to perform designated aspects of the Work Control, Cost Control or Programming function. Requires an understanding of the interrelationships and role of organizational units, interrelationships between work groups, external contractors and consultants involved, and the mechanics of resolving any controversial issues. Requires some practical experience in the appropriate line function (e.g. generation facility, Engineering, Waste Operations, etc.) to understand aspects of work programs and projects associated with cost engineering, work program planning and program performance analysis. Requires familiarity with the application of work methods, resourcing of work, logical sequencing of events and resolution of common problems in these areas. Requires experience in the application of various computer systems and software.
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