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18-188 - Specialist Advisor

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Pickering
18-188 - Specialist Advisor
Number of Vacancies: 1
Level: MP6
Duration: 1 year
Location: Pickering
Job Overview
1. Advise the Director – Work Management Support, of the needed long-range maintenance strategies and process improvements in support of improved work management performance and long term business and equipment performance improvements.
2. Facilitate corporate-level work management working groups (Work Control Manager Peer Team, Work Management Improvement Board).
3. Monitor the performance of the work management process to ensure it is improving the reliability of plant equipment and improving the productivity of the work force.
4. Monitor site level equipment performance and advise the Director – Work Management Support on measures / initiatives to preserve and manage the asset.
5. Serve as technical expert for work management metric development, deployment and ongoing maintenance.
6. Monitor, assess and assist in the initiation of improvements to enhance maintenance and engineering staff performance and teamwork, especially in the area of long range planning, overall maintenance strategy, and equipment life cycle management.
7. Serve as Phase Change Manager and Strategy Manager during Outages.
8. Assist in the integration of site groups into the work management process by developing, monitoring and/or participating in work control process implementation or productivity enhancement activities as required.
9. Assist the Director – Work Management Support in identifying necessary revisions and updates to facilitate process simplification and standardization.
10. Ensure identified work management experience lessons are communicated to the sites and applicable issues are addressed and enshrined in governance.
11. Perform self-assessments and management observation and coaching with the site work control departments to identify improvement opportunities (supplemental role).     
12. Education: Requires a knowledge of engineering and sciences principles, theories, applications and technology, including, physics, electrical, instrumentation, chemistry, chemistry components, mechanical, metallurgy, mathematics and economics, to effectively understand, evaluate, initiate, and advise on the processes and work programs in use, the components and structures installed in nuclear facilities, the CANDU Reactor, and operating characteristics of associated systems and equipment to facilitate the solution of maintenance and operating problems. Requires effective communication skills, both orally and in written form.
13. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of 4 years of University training (Grade XII plus 5 years).
14. Experience: Requires experience in the operation of nuclear generating plants, including specialized equipment, processes, tooling, techniques and methods used, and the application of the specialty to nuclear generating stations and associated facilities. Requires experience to become cognizant of the maintenance and operating responsibilities including relevant procedures, problems, codes, and standards, system equipment characteristics, control, maintenance and resources requirements. Requires experience to have a good understanding of Company, mission, values, direction, business goals, objectives and impacts, contacts involved and inter-relationships of work groups.
15. A period of over 8 years and up to and including 10 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.
16. Difficulty of Solution of Work Problems: Difficulties arise in resolving technical problems referred by others, or when developing new approaches to facilitate improvements to existing systems, etc. Requires reviewing past practices, assessing and analyzing requirements and alternatives, including the allocation of resources and availability of technical expertise, in conjunction with the application of sound judgement towards achieving the optimum resolution.
17. Requirement for Independent Action: Requires administering, coordinating and controlling assigned area of responsibility within broad guidelines provided by the Director. Requires reference to Director on important matters where policy is concerned, or where various activities may effect the work effort of other groups. Supervisor provides occasional checks on overall objectives and accomplishments.
18. Nature of Supervision Given to Others: Requires periodically assigning and checking work and providing advice and guidance while leading site assessments and assignments from time to time to assist in work control and productivity improvement initiatives.
19. Staff Responsibility: As the technical expert in the assigned area of responsibility, provide advice, guidance and assistance to nuclear stations and work management and maintenance groups on work control practices, work management standards and processes, be accountable for the advice given, monitor the advice given and taking appropriate action to ensure compliance.
20. Internal Contacts: Requires working with personnel throughout the corporation in an effort to influence these groups to consider the departrment's needs and to make changes and improvements which would benefit department work programs and that maybe in conflict with their ideas, views as well as their individual work programs. Requires frequent contact with stakeholders to identify needs and to cooperate regarding work activities.
21. Responsibility for Accuracy - Effect of Errors: Errors in judgement under the responsibility of providing optimum technical expertise and administration of related services could result in considerable repercussions in terms of incurring financial loss, expenditure of time and effort of staff resources, and jeopardizing the credibility of the section's work function. Errors involving worker/public safety, environmental issues, etc. associated with the proposal and subsequent implementation of results could ultimately have an adverse impact on employee and public relations.
22. Working Conditions: Requires occasional exposure to fluctuating temperatures, noise, and dust while visiting field plant locations to investigate problems, and discuss work matters with others. Requires occasional highway/air travel and overnight absences to attend meetings at other organisations and agencies.
23. Experience in Outage Planning and Execution at Pickering.
24. Licenced or previously licenced (ANO) to support the team would greatly assist the team.
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