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9041971-Software Configuration Management Analyst

Category: IT Work Type: Contract Location: North York

Position: Software Configuration Management Analyst

Rate: $32/

Duration: 03/04/2019- 02/21/2020

Location: North York, Toronto

  • To establish and maintain configuration management systems and processes over the lifecycle of a product to support company and project goals with respect to quality, consistency, scope, and cost. 
  • Defines and maintains CM requirements through review of contractual documentation and develops/tailors CM processes and project specific CM plans using various tools 
  •  Define, document, implement and continually review and improve CM procedures and policies, with the goal to automate as much as possible 
  • Participate in and support major reviews including internal, external, and customer audits 
  • Maintain system / hardware baselines in accordance with change and configuration control policies and processes
  •  Maintain software baselines with engineering inputs, and is involved in either software build creation activity, or by planning, organising, and performing software configuration audits and SCM surveillance activities 
  • Creates and maintains HCM databases including Site CM databases to support processes and policies including system / hardware baselines on and off site, database integration, etc. to provide life cycle configuration visibility 
  • Conducts site audits and ensures changes for site configurations are implemented in accordance with change effectively
  • Interfaces and participates in activities directly and indirectly involved in CM processes, and identify parties that may be involved , within and outside the organisation, including and not limited to Projects, Production, HQA, WBS, Engineering, CM Tool Integration, Contract Manufacturers, and Vendors on configuration control and change through all phases of project.
  • Ensures product items become identifiable configuration items (with appropriate complexity, and scope), and are released in a  timely and controlled manner 
  • Track the developmental activity of configurable items and associated technical documentation to ensure proper definition of an item 
  • Supervise and train staff as required
  • Provides technical support services to resolve configuration management issues during product and project lifecycles
  • 4+ Years electrical engineering work related preferred in railway signalling
  • A minimum of 2 years solid experience in establishing SCM systems
  • Good verbal and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.
  • A high level of self-motivation and initiative. Exposure to software development is essential.
  • Good design ability for databases and its integration using  scripting and / or computer languages.
  • Excellent knowledge of Configuration Management practices and principles
  • Electrical Engineering  or Computer Science or Science degree or equivalent
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