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19-013 - Continuous Improvement Advisor

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Courtice
19-013 - Continuous Improvement Advisor
Number of Vacancies: 1
Level: Band H 
Duration: 44 weeks
Location: Darlington Energy Complex (DEC) – 1855 Energy Drive, Courtice ON
Job Overview
Continuous Improvement Advisor is responsible for safely, effectively, and efficiently driving and implementing continuous improvement/Kaizen practices throughout the organization to achieve results.
The specialized resource will require skills in the safe and reliable application of Lean Thinking in a Nuclear Power environment, working knowledge of the principles and practices of the Toyota Production System, Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma, Nuclear Performance Improvement methodology, and the capability of leading and facilitating Kaizen improvement activities using cross functional teams to improve current processes, standards and methods.
This role will be to effect positive change by assisting OPG to identify areas for process improvement, create kaizen improvement activities using highly focused cross-functional teams. Adverse conditions in identified focus areas will be improved and subsequent corrective actions for identified areas of improvement will be implemented, using Kaizen activities when and where applicable and appropriate. The specialized resource in combination with improvement teams will focus on areas that have high potential to adversely impact safety, cost, quality, schedule, environment, public perception and/or regulatory relationships.
The Continuous Improvement Advisor will guide problem solving and process improvement processes by facilitating definition of problems, identificaiton of gaps in performance, gathering data, implementing improvements, measuring results and ensuring changes are sustained.
The Continuous Improvement Advisor will be responsible for implementing both the action plans and instilling the Kaizen philosophy for improving specific areas in the Darlington Refurbishment Project and keep building on One OPG culture shifts:
1. From bureaucracy to efficiency and good judgement
2. From technical leadership to technical and facilitative leadership
3. From focus on activities to focus on outcomes.
Specific duties and accountabilities include:
4. Drive the Continuous Improvement culture, principles and best practices throughout the organization
5. Drive the standardization of processes and the implementation of metrics and best practices throughout the organization
6. Apply LEAN principles, practices, tools and techniques, Theory of Constraints, and Six Sigma practices in combination with structured Kaizen methodology to implement improvements identified by teams focused process improvement, operational excellence and strategic initiatives
7. Train and lead cross-functional continuous improvement teams focusing on measurable quality, service, and cost improvements
8. Focus on implementing disciplined thinking and rigor in the development of high-performance, self directed work teams
9. Identify process waste and process variability within the nuclear plants current processes and standards and lead efforts using cross-functional teams to expose, identify and reduce, control and eliminate them in core and non-core processes
10. Develop and standardize procedures in alignment with Best Practices
11. Implement tools and methods such as SIPOC, SPC, Process Capability, Pareto Analysis, Fishbone, SMED, DOE, Gemba Walks, VSM, Theory of Constraints, visual workplace, Constraint management, 5 Principles of Lean Thinking and other selected techniques to safely and reliably create: Zero Defect Processes, continuous improvement mindset, visual management, additional capacity, reduce process cycle times, end to end lead-times, and process quality
12. Review current procedures, workflows, self assessments, QC and QA methods, operational experience, corrective actions and associated plans to correct abnormal conditions
13. Conduct direct observation of work in progress, job shadowing, site visits
14. Train, coach and motivate all personnel in the understanding and adoption of LEAN/Kaizen tools, principles and techniques
15. Facilitates key high value and mission critical Kaizen activities, value stream mapping and process mapping exercises and communicates/synthesizes results and findings with project team(s)
16. Uses structured Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) – Standardize Do Check Act (SDCA) methodology to create measurable actions to improve processes
17. Assists in defining process metrics and data collection methodology at the project and program level and participates in the conducting of project and program evaluations
18. Assures the improvement activities are documented and reported within the organization and externally when and where team deems appropriate
19. Identify best practices inside and outside of nuclear industry related to areas of focus requiring improvement
20. When and where deemed appropriate, identifies, develops and implements Visual Communication Boards to graphically and empirically display progress towards focus area improvement using specific leading and lagging indicators (KPI’s)
21. Create and deliver fundamental curriculum focused on Lean Thinking and Learning to See Waste in process. The curriculum will be designed to create a continuous improvement mindset with a focus on safe and reliable behaviors that manifest with the mindset change.
22. Post-secondary Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical), or equivalent technical education and/or work experience
23. 5-10 years’ experience in nuclear operations
24. Must have hands on experience working in a nuclear plant environment
25. Must have hands on experience working with all functions in a nuclear power plant using LEAN/Kaizen methodology
26. Must have hands on experience working with nuclear refueling outages
27. Must have hands on experience leading and managing multi-million-dollar projects in a nuclear power plant
28. Must have hands on experience in front line facilitation and coaching of interdisciplinary teams in a nuclear setting
29. Kaizen/Lean Black Belt certified, or have 15 years of demonstrated work experience in the application of Kaizen methods and application of Lean principles, practices, tools and techniques
30. Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, or equivalent is desirable
31. Proven and document results of process improvement in a nuclear power plant
32. Proven and demonstrated proficiency at an expert facilitator, instructor and implementer level focused on educating and sustaining the use of LEAN/Kaizen practices and tools, Theory of Constraints, Sig Sigma in a nuclear plant environment
33. Excellent communication skills coupled with strong training/coaching, organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills; and the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization in a nuclear power plant
34. Demonstrated ability in developing and attaining results through cross-functional teams in a nuclear power plant
35. Self-motivated, goal-oriented person who works well under pressure to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction by meeting commitments and taking accountability
36. Customer-oriented attitude with a strong commitment to safety and quality
37. Able to follow a plan through to completion
38. Proficient computer skills including Microsoft Office and Project Management software
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