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Lead Auditor (NQA 1)

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Tiverton
Lead Auditor (NQA 1)
Duration: 1 Year
Location: Tiverton
Vacancies: 3
Key Responsibilities:
• Performs and directs, as applicable, quality assurance activities on a project, communicating with Engineering, procurement, and construction, and other project personnel to ensure management goals and objectives are met.
• Ensures appropriate project quality program/plan elements are included in project plans, procurement specifications, subcontracts, and scopes of work.
• Reviews and approves quality-related procedures pre-pared on the project to ensure compliance with the MCR project quality program/plan.
• Mentors personnel assigned to the project on quality assurance related topics and activities.
• Supervises and participates in the project assessments and auditing activities to verify the effectiveness of the MCR quality program/plan.
• Recommends actions to project personnel to correct observed quality deficiencies.
• Monitors project Quality Assurance Program (QAP) actions to ensure timely and effective completion, and assists project personnel in closure of corrective actions and investigation and resolution of reportable occurrences.
• Reviews project schedules for quality-related activities to ensure timely and effective implementation of the MCR project quality assurance program/plan.
• Identities quality problems, initiates documented corrective actions, and verifies implementation of solutions.
• Prepares reports on the effectiveness of the quality assurance program/plan implementation.
• Review QA Program and other relevant documents submitted by subcontractors, as required.
Skills and Knowledge:
• Comprehensive understanding of Quality Assurance principles as applied to large construction projects.
• Able to demonstrate the ability to achieve the task results consistent with requirements for safety, quality, timelines, and resource allowance.
• Possess strong interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to interact positively with others by developing trust, mutual respect and cooperative working relationships.
• Demonstrate dedication and commitment to ensuring project success and meeting projects needs.
• Demonstrated skills and understanding in the principles of good written and oral communication.
• Demonstrated understanding of Project Management tools and techniques.
• Understanding of Engineering Change/Modification principles.
• Demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement.
• Four year university degree in an Engineering discipline and a minimum of four years experience in QA support of large projects or, two year technician diploma and extensive QA experience on construction projects.
• Knowledge of CANDU QA standards such as CSA N286, CSA N285, etc. is considered an asset.
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