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Management System Advisor

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Management System Advisor
Location: Abu Dhabi – Barakah Nuclear Power Plant
Duration: 6- 10 weeks
Start Date: Mid April, 2019 - Resumes due by March 20/19
CTSNA Pay Rate: $140.00/HR (Inc’d)
Note: Accommodations, travel and Living expenses provided
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
A. Plant Design Basis and Configuration Management (ENEC & NAWAH)
• Assess the adequacy of and compliance with engineering configuration management process at the Construction Completion Verification Stage as well as during Commissioning and Turnover-overs
• Assess the adequacy of and compliance with the As-Built Documentation Oversight Procedure
• Assess the adequacy of and compliance with Plant Matches Design Report
• Assess the adequacy of design interface between KEPCO, ENEC and their sub-contractors and overall control over design authority.
• Assess the adequacy of Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) references to meet regulatory requirements and license conditions
• Adequacy of and compliance with the process to monitor changes in Components/ operational spare parts due to plant design modifications
• Adequacy of and compliance with the procedures and documentation to transfer and permanently install components and materials received from other units.
• Assess adequacy of the process for ensuring that final versions of all required documents and drawings (including native files) have been received from KEPCO and transferred to Nawah in line with established protocols.
• Assess adequacy of the process for assessing Nawah readiness to assume Design Authority role.
• Assess adequacy of records and file management system for plant documentation.
• Assess adequacy of the process to ensure that process for tracking and ensuring closure of Deficiency Notification Reports (DNRs) is adequate.
• Assess the adequacy and compliance with the procedure for closure of FANR findings on the related items.
B. Claims Management (ENEC)
• Review workflows, roles & responsibilities and adequacy of segregation of duties.
• Assess adequacy of and compliance with existing policies & procedures.
• Assess the Prime Contract Changes/ Amendments are identified, agreed and closed on a timely basis with KEPCO.
• Assess the ENEC readiness to identify and defend potential claims to be raised by KEPCO
• Assess adequacy of ENEC process for documenting and supporting potential claims and counter claims.
• Assess adequacy of the supporting records, linkage with the Contract Change Request (CCR) process, coordination between various Project Teams, Prime Contract admin team and Risk Analysis team for managing potential claims
• Assess adequacy of claims related management reporting and review process at ENEC
• Assess the adequacy of procedure to identify the additional work performed by ENEC (training, procedure factory etc.) on behalf of KEPCO and its consideration in the claim negotiation.
• Assess the adequacy of procedure for prime contract de-scoping and its impact on the claims.
C. Maintenance & Lay-up activities (NAWAH)
• Assess adequacy and implementation of the process and procedures established for the maintenance & layup, including but not limited to the following:
• Assess adequacy of processes, programs and procedures established to support Plant Maintenance, preservation and layup activities.
• Assess the adequacy of the overall maintenance strategy and its alignment with Licensing requirements.
• Assess adequacy of the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)/ Korea Plant Services (KPS) compliance with Nawah Procedures (in compliance with the Nawah Way milestone).
• Assess adequacy of the process adopted for the transition of maintenance activities/processes from KHNP/ KPS to the newly appointed Long Term Maintenance Agreement (LTMA) contractor (In case a different contractor is appointed)
• Assess readiness of the SAP-OMS maintenance module for supporting maintenance
• Asses adequacy of compliance with applicable regulatory (FANR) requirements
• Assess adequacy of Oversight of contractor activities on preventive and corrective maintenance (planning, execution, back-log monitoring and reporting etc.).
• Assess process of Initiation, tracking and closure of Conditions Reports (CRs), Deficiency Notification Report (DNRs) or Non Conformance Reports (NCRs)
• Assess adequacy of implementation of maintenance surveillance processes
• Assess that adequate roles and responsibilities are identified and agreed among different departments (such as Engineering, Maintenance and Commissioning Oversight) responsible for the lay-up activities.
• Assess the adequacy of the planning, scheduling and completing of layup activities in accordance with applicable requirements by OEM.
• Verify the adequacy of the records maintained for the lay-up activities.
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