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Work Management Coordinator

Category: Engineering Work Type: Contract Location: Tiverton
Work Management Coordinators
Location: Tiverton, ON
Duration: Till December 2019 (Renewable)
Vacancies: 3
Job Summary 
  • Accountable for the development of work scope, (operating, engineering, outage and project) coordinating/obtaining necessary approvals and subsequent change control. Ensure logic, schedules, cost reports and work programs are established in support of the defined scope of work. Anticipate, direct and make decisions on all work associated with the planning and scheduling process, changing priorities, communicating to work groups and exercising sound judgment to effectively facilitate the safe and productive completion of work programs. Clarify work boundaries to ensure that responsibilities are clearly defined for tasks and the work boundaries are well managed. Analyze performance to identify lessons learned and incorporate into future work. Provide team leadership to a complement of staff assisting with schedule preparation, cost and resource estimates for all associated work programs.
  • Manage staff assisting in the provision of the Unit's output. Provide leadership, and create and maintain a work environment that motivates, supports and encourages staff to perform the assigned tasks in a professional, effective and efficient manner, consistent with the philosophy and goals of the business. Act as a coach and facilitator to create and sustain a non- threatening, supportive team environment, actively working with the staff to empower them to attain optimal work performance with a high level of personal responsibility and self- management. Demonstrate openness and trust through the sharing of information, and by being visible and accessible to employees, to enhance and develop their skills and prepare them for future roles. Make effective recommendations on human resource matters and handle routine problems. Establish performance measures, and perform reviews. Provide clear expectations and meaningful feedback, and recognize and reward achievements. Provide guidance, assistance and support to staff in the resolution of personal problems, and establish and maintain a healthy and safe work environment that improves and enhances the quality of working life.
  • As the designated point of contact, be fully accountable for the effective and efficient management for all scheduled activities including coordinating maintenance and operations staff by using the 13 week rolling schedule process, the 14 month planned outage management process and station work programs/projects process. Direct the development and implementation of scheduled work, including resolving schedule conflicts. As the owner of the work program, such as, a work week, section of the outage or station project, be responsible for controlling work scope, organizing, executing, reviewing and deciding upon all planned activities and resource requirements for the assigned work. Be accountable for short and long term impact of work (performance on the station as it pertains to your assign work).
  • Plan, organize, coordinate, and maintain status on all preparatory and ongoing requirements of the schedule. Ensure all work groups involved are committed to the completion of schedule work as practical. Be accountable for ensuring preparation and execution activities are performed with attention to public and worker safety requirements. Prepare initial walk down of jobs, keep abreast of current changes in operating requirements and determine relevant impacts on execution. Anticipate emerging issues, and initiate and /or accommodate projects, mandatory discovery work, and emergent work into the schedule.
  • Manage, direct and communicate the resolution of various coordination and cost issues to all inter-group or inter-department groups including inage/outage equipment and resource conflicts ensure corrective action plans are established, be responsible for giving work direction how this fit into OHSA, to all work groups including contractors. Be accountable for identifying necessary resources to ensure work is accomplished in accordance with the schedule.
  • Provide effective leadership at daily status meetings, task analysis meetings etc, in order to prepare, control, maintain and update the schedule. Ensure all permits preparation, pre-job walk downs, contingency plans, risk assessments, final approvals and other requirements are complete and situations have not changed prior to work execution.
  • Be accountable for monitoring the work being performed to completion, as scheduled. Perform/attend readiness review sessions, vertical slice reviews to obtain an awareness of the status of all jobs on the plan. Provide predictive reporting, statistical reports, and other cost scheduling progress and performance reports. Analyze data and submit recommendations to Managers for use by senior management. Attend carry-over meetings, post outage / project meetings directly after execution. Identify significant events, lessons learned, analysis accomplishments and failures, problems and corrective actions. Conduct carry over meetings from week to week, from outage to Inage and from projects to Inage in order to explain any gaps in work identified but not completed.
  • Review and analyze planning and reporting techniques and cost and scheduling methods in use, outage and Inage processes internally and externally, for adoption by the station. Contact other organizations to discuss their planning and reporting techniques and assess their values. Review literature pertaining to cost and scheduling, outage and inage techniques and methodologies with a view to make develop recommendations based on Industry best practices for Work Management. Consider their advantages of performance evaluation and review techniques, critical path measurement, time motion study, and computerized project management tools and other aids, which would improve existing program techniques. Assess all such information, develop new techniques, as required, conduct trials, and implement, obtaining financial authorization from Manager, as approved .
Experience Requirements
  • Proficiency in Primavera 6 (P6)
  • A minimum 3 years of experience in work/project planning
  • Knowledge of Candu Nuclear Systems
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