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19-040 - Financial Analyst & Business Analyst

Category: Work Type: Contract Location:

19-040 - Financial Analyst and Business Analyst


Number of Vacancies: 2

Level:  MP3

Duration: Vacancy #1 – 12 months, required immediately until May 2020

                 Vacancy #2 – 5 months, required in June 2019 until October 2019

Location: Darlington and Toronto, travel between sites.

Project Title:  N/A


Job Overview


Financial Analyst

  1. Assists in the development of strategies, policies, procedures and guidelines through research, analysis and input from stakeholders in the area of general accounting practices.
  2. Maintains a professional awareness in relation to current accounting practice, GAAP and general business environment, the utility industry and be able to communicate impacts and implications throughout the business.
  3. Conducts investigations into specialized accounting areas or needs and prepare procedures to account for such issues that balance all stakeholder needs.
  4. Reviews accounting practices and provides a due diligence assessment as to the accuracy, consistency and appropriateness of analysis and conclusions being reached.
  5. Provides management reports utilizing financial systems and other inputs and assists clients in interpretation of financial and operational results.
  6. Ensures the integrity of the decision support process through support for the preparation and review of business case summaries.
  7. Participates in the development and implementation of financial information systems and procedures.
  8. Maintains and supports in-service financial systems within assigned area of responsibility.
  9. Analyzes system operating and maintenance costs, and recommends changes to improve efficiency.
  10. Gives advice, guidance and assistance to systems users on issues related to the scope of management system development, operation, and maintenance.


Business Analyst

  1. Provide business and financial advice to FLMs and Department Manager within the accountabilities of the Department.
  2. Carry out analysis related to the development, implementation, guidance and direction in the specified areas of business financial management;  business planning;  budgeting;  cost reporting;  financial and accounting processes, procedures and systems;  accounting services;  internal control and financial audits;  benchmarking, including regulatory reporting;  variance explanations and year end projections.
  3. Provide regular reports on business performance measures including analysis of actual results or targets and measures in place.  Develop and keep updated a database of the measures and provide regular reports to FLMs and Department Manager.
  4. Carry out requirements related to the application and support of financial/accounting policies and practices.
  5. Maintain functional relationships with the Business and Finance areas within the Station.
  6. Provides advice and guidance on Departmental Business Case Summaries.
  7. Support integrity and timeliness of financial and performance information to meet reporting and management requirements.
  8. Investigates and resolves problems in the Department financial and performance areas
  9. Collaborates with stakeholders internal to the Business Unit.
  10. Support business and financial and related systems skill training within the Department.
  11. Assist Department Manager in analyzing work processes with a view to improving them to make them more efficient and effective.
  12. Perform other duties as required.




Financial Analyst



  1. This position requires a knowledge of business related disciplines such as: finance, business administration, computer science or accounting to research, analyze and provide input from stakeholders in the area of general accounting practices to assist in the development of strategies, policies, procedures and guidelines. 
  2. Requires knowledge of financial management systems to participate in the development, implementation and maintenance of financial systems.
  3. Requires progression towards the achievement of, a professional accounting designation (ie, CA, CGA, CMA).
  4. Requires knowledge of effective oral and written communication skills to prepare effective documentation to prepare financial procedures.
  5. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of 4 years of University training (Grade XII plus 5 years).



  1. Requires experience working in a financial or accounting environment in a comparable organization to become familiar in financial analysis, controllership and financial systems.
  2. Requires business experience with accounting policies, procedures, strategies, guidelines, decision making process and structures to understand business unit plans to assist in the development of financial strategies, policies, procedures and guidelines.
  3. Requires experience with financial management systems to gain an in-depth and wide-ranging knowledge to participate in the development and implementation of financial information systems. 
  4. A period of over 4 years and up to and including 6 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.


Business Analyst



  1. Requires varying skills sets to accommodate each  function; however should encompass academic subjects of financial accounting practices, principles, and concepts; management accounting and control; audit, financial management including planning, budgeting and performance reporting, decision support systems, business economics, business policy, process benchmarking, information systems and relevant computer skills. 
  2. Requires good interpersonal skills and knowledge of communication techniques.
  3. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of 4 years of University training (Grade XII plus 5 years), or by having the equivalent level of education.



  1. Requires practical application in the field of financial management and in the operation of business processes and systems including associated computer systems.  Demonstrated experience in one or two of the following areas:  accounting services, financial systems, internal control, planning and budgeting, performance reporting or benchmarking.  Requires knowledge of financial and operational performance reporting principles and processes at a level to be able to contribute to the production of information and interpretations of results.  Requires good verbal and written communication skills.  Requires demonstrated analytical, problem solving and decision making skills. 
  2. A period of over 4 years and up to and including 6 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.
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