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Quality Assurance Manager

Category: Aerospace Work Type: permanent Location:

Position: Quality Assurance Manager

Duration: Permanent 

The Quality Assurance Manager�s responsibilities are those of exercising quality assurance of airworthiness matters in the maintenance function. He shall meet all standards of competency of CAR 573.03. The QAM is also responsible for the Safety Management System.

Quality Assurance Manager (QAM)

Reporting to the PRM, the QAM is responsible for maintaining quality standards in conformance with airworthiness requirements in all company. His duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Adhere to Springer�s Safety Management System;
  • Promote Safety Management System and raise SMS�s whenever required;
  • Liaise with Transport Canada;
  • Responsible for quality assurance and audit program;
  • Co-ordinate internal and external quality audit to ensure maintenance standard are being upheld and approve. Pursue corrective action, close out audit reports when satisfactory and maintain records of all reports;
  • Prepare and follow the audit calendar;
  • Perform audits to ensure maintenance and manufacturing activities are performed in accordance with the Company�s scope of approval;
  • Perform external audit when it�s required by the PRM;
  • Responsible to audit and approve vendors;
  • Maintain the list of approved vendors updated;
  • Maintain the processes manual and forms;
  • Communicate all findings and corrective actions from audits to the PRM;
  • Responsible for ensuring that all suppliers and contractors meet the requirements of applicable AWM and CAR for manufacture or repair of aeronautical products;
  • Ensures that all applicable technical and regulatory publications necessary to perform maintenance are available and at their latest revision;
  • Ensure that requirements from all regulatory authorities as well as those of the customer are met;
  • Ensure that records which relate to manufacturing, maintenance, overhaul, repair, inspection and modification on all aircraft and their related components are archived;
  • Maintain the system ensuring that personnel involved in Quality Assurance and Quality Control meet the requirements of this manual;
  • Oversee the training program to ensure effectiveness of company maintenance procedures;
  • Maintains and control the recurrent training schedule;
  • Keep up to date employee personnel files;
  • Granting of certification and signature authority;
  • Responsible to maintain and control the MPM;
  • Oversee aircraft importations, exportations and ferry flights;
  • Assist the PRM in the performance of his duties and replaced him when he is not available;
  • Other duties as required.

Safety Management System Manager (SMS)

In accordance with CAR 573.04, the PRM has assigned an SMS Officer for the Safety Management System. The SMS Officer is responsible to report to the PRM and ultimately to the President and Accountable Executive / Certificate Holder; his duties include but are not limited to:

  • Adhere to Springer Inc.�s Safety Management System;
  • Promote Safety Management System and raise SMS�s whenever required;
  • Establish and maintain a reporting system to ensure the timely collection of information related to hazards, incidents and accidents that may adversely affect safety;
  • Identify hazards and carry out risk assessment analyses of those hazards;
  • Investigate, analyze and identify the cause or probable cause of all hazards, incidents and accidents identified under the Safety Management System;
  • Establish and maintain a safety data system, by either electronic or other means, to monitor and analyze trends in hazards, incidents and accidents;
  • Monitor and evaluate the results of corrective actions with respect to hazards, incidents and accidents;
  • Monitor the concerns of the civil aviation industry in respect of safety and their perceived effect on the AMO;
  • Determine the adequacy for the training, up-date training and additional training;
  • Reports to the PRM the hazard, incidents and accidents identified under the safety management system or as a result of an audit required by the Quality Assurance System;
  • Responsible to maintain and control the SMS procedures; and
  • Other duties as required.






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