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20-039 - Cost & Schedule Analyst

Category: Work Type: Contract Location:

20-039 - Cost and Schedule Analyst


Number of Vacancies: 1

Level:  MP2

Duration: 12 months

Location: Darlington


Job Overview

The Cost and Schedule Analyst supports cost estimating, budgeting, variance analysis, and monitors activities as directed.

  • Assists in developing and implementing requirements for cost recording, cost coding, reporting, and analyzing standards, programs, and reports.
  • Performs performance monitoring and control functions for specific applications.
  • Assists with scope definition requirements for a discipline or other specialty and works with Area/Functional support personnel and other sources.
  • Coordinates the production of required data to conform to the overall budget and or estimate preparation plan.
  • Performs cost data analysis and development.
  • Coordinates quantification estimates for trends/baseline change proposals.
  • Assists in developing specific project cost control accounts and recommends appropriate modifications and revisions. This includes training in the proper use and definition of the cost accounts.
  • Assists with change control process for scope, cost and schedule.
  • Assists discipline groups in determining what information is required from other disciplines to support schedule activities and how to interface with cost at the control account level.
  • Provides schedule knowledge to assist in discipline planning and interfacing with cost.
  • For the monitoring process, conduct or produce regular cost reports in support of operations, maintenance, outage, engineering and project work.
  • As assigned, conduct the production of, or prepare special or ad hoc cost reports, as requested.
  • Assist line management in interpretation of cost in relation to operational/project results.
  • Acquire all relevant cost information as requested by line to help identify explanations of cost variance.
  • Advise, assist and influence line management towards a direction of avoiding and resolving cost problems.
  • As assigned, conduct investigations into questionable costs of specialized costing areas of needs.
  • Perform cost analysis. Identify deviations from the plan. Take/recommend corrective action as appropriate to mitigate budget variance, and monitor results of same.
  • Provide advice to line management regarding the identification of need for year end projection changes.
  • Make effective recommendations to line on mitigating actions, or facilitate the proactive year end projection changes.
  • Contribute to project review meetings, as necessary, to monitor progress, identify problems, and initiate corrective actions.



  • Bachelor’s degree in project management, business, or an engineering field.
  • 3+ years of experience in the construction, energy, utility, or engineering field.
  • Requires strong communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Experienced in preparation of cost forecasting, budgeting and variance analysis.
  • Competency with MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access).
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