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20-040 - Value Engineering Facilitator

Category: Work Type: Contract Location:

20-040 - Value Engineering Facilitator


Number of Vacancies: 1

Level: TBD

Duration: Workshop Completion

Location: Darlington

Project: Darlington Station Elevators Replacement Project


Job Overview


  • Provide Value Engineering Facilitation Service for 84135 DN Station Elevators Replacement Value Engineering Session.
  • Facilitate 1 to 2 days Value Engineering Workshop to be held the week of ending April 2020.
  • Submission of Final Value Engineering Executive Memorandum documents to OPG for sign-off receiving by May 8, 2020


The primary role of the Value Engineering (VE) Facilitator is to lead the VE team in a systematic manner. The VE Facilitator will propose a VE session agenda and plan in a sequential manner to ensure success. The process should take into consideration meeting the objectives of the project including two Memorandum documents (one freight and one for passenger) and delivering the project within budget. 


The VE Facilitator will conduct a productive VE face-to-face workshop (or Microsoft Teams or Skype Meeting) review on the topic of elevators cost\benefits analysis vendor proposal and discuss the proposed solution until 2050 considering minimized impact during execution in Powerhouse Station operations. It is recommended that the length of the workshop be 1 to 2 days, however the VE Facilitator can recommend the workshop length based on the defined project scope and Facilitator expertise. A detailed list of common activities in each workshop stage are covered in depth in the SAVE International Value Methodology Standard.  It is expected that the Facilitator provide facilitation of the workshop as well as support and guidance to the pre and post-workshop activities in accordance with the SAVE International Value methodology Standard. It is expected that the VE workshop will consist of:


  • A pre-workshop initiation;

o   Facilitator shall be available to aid in preparation of the Value Engineering scope, objectives, agenda, plan, and schedule.

o   Facilitator shall be available to provide a single point of contact (SPOC) to guide OPG through successful completion of pre-workshop activities.


  • Team workshop in action;

o   Facilitator will facilitate and conduct the Value Engineering (VE) Workshop and analysis as well as produce two Executive Memorandum for the elevators (freight and passenger) showing executive summary with two pages each and overall Annex Excel spreadsheet(s)\graph(s)) that will document the VE analysis recommendation and discuss the best possible solution with justification and conclusion to OPG by May 8, 2020.


  • Post-workshop Memorandum recommendations follow up;

o   Facilitator shall be available to consult and provide direction during the implementation and follow-up activities in the post-workshop stage.


The VE Facilitator will provide:


  1. a) Value Engineering facilitation plan and schedule
  2. b) Value Engineering purpose and Job Agenda
  3. c) Final Value Engineering Analysis Executive Memorandum for the elevators (freight and passenger), submitted to OPG for review and receiving sign off (by PM and DTL) and providing one week into schedule (5 working days) to review and comments sign off by OPG Section Project Manager (SM) and Section Manager Design (SMD)


The Value Engineering objective is to conduct a review of the needs and functions of freight and passenger elevators that shall be clearly identified. The goal is to analyze alternatives and recommend solutions for the elevators (freight and passenger) that meet the Stakeholder needs, user’s Operational until 2050. Explore during execution to reduce Station\Outage impact and timeframe window on installation of critical freight and passenger elevators (located in East and West side of Powerhouse Station and TRF Building). OPG will make the final decision to accept and later implement the VE recommendations.


Once the VE study is complete, freight and passenger Memorandum recommendations will be closely reviewed and it will help for the development of the CDR (Conceptual Design Report) including Business Case (BCS), and narrowing down the scope of the project for the next preliminary Gate 1 phase.



  • The VE Facilitator shall be certified by SAVE International.
  • The VE Facilitator shall have a detailed knowledge of the VE job plan and its tools. This is normally attained through approved training courses from SAVE International resulting in levels of certification. The VE analysis shall be facilitated by a certified value specialist (CVS). The Facilitator is expected to follow SAVE International Standards.
  • The VE Facilitator shall be certified by SAVE International.
  • The VE Facilitator shall have good experience in the use of creativity tools and basic knowledge of industrial equipment’s. It is essential that the Facilitator stimulates innovation to favor production of ideas.


Please ensure candidates include a list of recently completed equipment’s VE analysis workshop and their qualifications and related professional affiliations in their resume submissions.

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