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SME Maintenance, I&C

Category: Work Type: Contract Location: : Kincardine

SME Maintenance – I&C


Location: Kincardine

Duration: 12 months

Pay Rate: $75-85.00/HR Inc’d

Per Diem: No


Summary: Provide effective support to the MCR Integration Manager in the planning, organization, administration, scheduling and develop execution of long term maintenance programs during MCR. Provide support to the MCR Integration Manager in developing of and advising on Maintenance training, strategies, processes, and plans. Develop recommendations for improvement in Maintenance plans and procedures, tools and techniques. Support planning of work packages. As subject matter expert (SME), act as a source of knowledge, technique, or expertise in a specific subject area, such as mechanical maintenance, electrical and instrumentation and control. The SME functions as the organizational ambassador for the knowledge area, and applies expertise to support an organization’s vision and strategic direction. Subject matter expert understands, articulates and implements best practices related to the area of expertise. The subject matter expert may lead or be an active participant of a work-group with the need for specialized knowledge. The subject matter expert provides guidance on how their area of capability can resolve an organizational need and actively participates in all phases of the MCR program life cycle.


  • Facilitates the planning and prioritizing of the maintenance work, and provide advice, guidance, and direction during the initial planning stages and through to the execution of the work. Contribute to the development and administration of effective maintenance work programs. Ensure that plans, staff (internal and external where applicable, such as contractors), tools, equipment, and materials are forecasted and communicated adequately to carry out assignments in an approved manner.
  • Evaluate and contribute to the development of Maintenance procedures. Continually examine the suitability and effectiveness of existing procedures and work methods and the adequacy of tools and materials. Recognize deficiencies and indicate to appropriate personnel those areas requiring attention. Recommend and/or contribute to the development of new or revised work methods and procedures. Maintain an awareness of advancing techniques and equipment developments in the Maintenance field and recommend where such developments could be useful to the Maintenance program.


  • Participate in the planning and modifications of installed equipment in conjunction with Manager and Engineering personnel. Provide advice on feasibility of equipment development or modifications based on a working knowledge of equipment and systems. Participate with others in resolving maintenance problems, especially where it appears impractical or particularly difficult to carry out the work program in the prescribed manner.


  • Contribute to Maintenance planning. Participate with Manager, Work Control, Engineering, and other groups in the planning of routine Maintenance programs and unit shutdowns. Provide resource data as to the nature and extent of labour requirements, radiation exposure requirements, and the facilities necessary to carry out specific Maintenance activities.


  • Contribute as a team member or leader on special projects and investigations, and prepare reports, recommendations, justifications, etc.


  • Contribute to the development of maintenance strategies and work programs.


  • Perform activities associated with the reporting of projected costs.


  • Prepare forecasts of temporary and regular staffing requirements, including contractors.


  • Conduct or attend meetings associated with the work function. Be prepared to represent Section, Department or Division on specific issues with scope of accountability, as assigned. Lead by good example. Promote a conscientious work ethic with respect to safety and productivity. Ensure effective communication exchange at business meetings and in the reporting of feedback and course of events to Manager and stakeholders.


  • Review work orders in various statuses (including new work requests) to identify duplication, find efficiencies and facilitate planning and scheduling of maintenance work.


  • Recommend solutions to section work planning and scheduling issues created by emerging and unplanned events, e. g. outage schedule changes, equipment unavailability.


  • Perform other duties as required.


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