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20-064 - Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives

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20-064 - Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives


Number of Vacancies: 1

Level:  Band G

Duration: 17 months

Location: Pickering


Job Overview

  1. This role will support initiatives related to development of a strategy to empty and clean the fuel bays in support of decommissioning activities to follow.
  2. Lead the assessment to study strategic options for accelerating the removal, storage of all fuel and related fuel bay substances from the Pickering irradiated fuel bays that compliments the accelerated decommissioning strategy being developed and analyzed.
  3. Create an interim conceptual report that describes concept options, costs and risks to support an update on Accelerated Decommissioning.
  4. Create a cost estimate based on an assessment of scope for the implementation of each identified option with a recommendation for the optimal approach.
  5. Assist in establishing an internal OPG team to perform an internal study and develop an interim conceptual report, and conduct working level meetings.
  6. Develop a high-level plan, with options, high-level costs, and risk identified to achieve the business objectives. This will entail; fuel processing, storage and bay clean-up conceptual options, related cost ranges, and risks. Also, should include a plan and schedule to secure a class 5 estimate and recommendations.
  7. Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) in preparation of securing a vendor to perform the detailed study and assessment.
  8. Prepare a report to summarize the conceptual work, and presentation, in support of a presentation to the Board.
  9. Oversee vendor activities (detailed plan, and class 5 estimate) to estimated completion date.
  10. Support internal OPG processes for cost planning (i.e. business planning, ONFA planning).
  11. Manage interface meetings with the vendor and OPG stakeholders.
  12. Support the preparation of Board materials, and presentation to the Board.



  1. Knowledge of Pickering fueling bay operations and operations associated with removal of used fuel from the wet bays and storage into dry storage containers.
  2. Highly strategic, capable of developing Statement of Work (SOW) documents and detailed reports.
  3. Strong interpersonal skills are required in order to bring a cross-functional team together to achieve the required objectives.
  4. A four year university education in an appropriate engineering field and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is required.
  5. Prior experience in the areas of fuel bay management and used fuel management at a OPG/CANDU facility are also required.
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